Pablo Picasso – Femme Assise (sitzende Frau) – 1909


Pablo Picasso – Giclee print of Femme Assise (sitzende Frau) – 1909.  Certificate of Authenticity included.

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“Femme Assise” is a painting by Pablo Picasso, completed in 1920. The painting depicts a seated woman, rendered in a style that is distinctly Cubist. The work is characterized by its bold use of color, geometric forms, and fragmented imagery, all of which are hallmarks of Picasso’s revolutionary artistic style.

At first glance, “Femme Assise” may appear as a chaotic and disjointed composition, with its fragmented forms and jarring colors. However, upon closer inspection, the painting reveals its underlying structure and composition. The woman’s body is rendered in a series of geometric shapes, with her head and torso depicted as a series of overlapping triangles and rectangles. The background is similarly fragmented, with areas of bright, bold color interspersed with muted, neutral tones.

One interpretation of “Femme Assise” is that it represents Picasso’s interest in exploring the possibilities of Cubism, a style that he helped to pioneer. Cubism was a revolutionary art movement that sought to break down the traditional rules of representation and create a new visual language based on fragmented forms and multiple perspectives. “Femme Assise” can be seen as a testament to Picasso’s mastery of this style, as well as a celebration of the possibilities of abstraction.

Another interpretation of “Femme Assise” is that it represents Picasso’s interest in depicting the female form in a new and radical way. Picasso was known for his interest in the female body, and his paintings often depicted women in unconventional poses and compositions. “Femme Assise” can be seen as a continuation of this interest, with the woman’s body depicted as a series of fragmented shapes and colors that challenge traditional notions of beauty and form.

In conclusion, “Femme Assise” is a masterful and revolutionary painting that showcases Picasso’s interest in the possibilities of Cubism and his fascination with the female form. The painting’s bold use of color, fragmented forms, and geometric shapes invite multiple interpretations and readings, reflecting the richness and complexity of Picasso’s artistic vision and legacy. “Femme Assise” is not only a snapshot of a specific time and place but also a testament to the enduring power of art to inspire wonder and contemplation in the human soul.

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