The Harvest

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The Harvest (French: la récolte) is an oil on canvas painting by French artist Charles-François Daubigny. It was completed in 1851 and is housed at Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

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Although the work cannot have been painted in the open air due to its large dimensions, Daubigny certainly tried to capture the fleeting reality of a Summer day in the country. The work stands out for its light colors and loose brushstrokes. Many other painters of the Barbizon School used a much darker palette. Daubigny showed himself to be a forerunner of the Impressionists. This is especially evident around the horizon, where only a few horizontally placed brushstrokes, each of a different color, can be seen.

In this painting, the whole countryside is marked out in blue squares that seems like a chessboard. All of the activities are picturesquely grouped around a golden blaze such as men doubled over, women hurrying along the narrow paths, and people stooking sheaves of corn and loading carts.

The Harvest (Daubigny), (last visited Aug. 11, 2022).

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